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Local Zero Carbon Energy now

Competitive mix of renewable electricity and green hydrogen based on proven technologies is a solution to deliver the energy transition

IntHy is a French green energy company aiming at  unlocking competitive renewable electricity and green hydrogen potential.

Since 2017, IntHy and its preexisting pioneer companies  develop and support zero carbon energy systems. The group relies on a highly qualified team of professionals with senior backgrounds and decades of experience in the energy sector, offering a unique combination of technical and economic expertise.

IntHy is a reliable partner to develop, build, own and operate renewable electricity and green hydrogen projects to deliver dedicated zero emission energy to our customers and partners. We design green energy infrastructure that are compatible with our clients operations, structure and commercial requirements. 

Our business model covers the entire renewable energy and hydrogen value chain from production to consumption, supported by core digital solutions for data-driven optimisation. 

Solar field from above

The time has come in Europe for a new zero-carbon energy system with the announced objective to fully decarbonize our economies away from fossil fuels by 2050. Innovative solutions are emerging to address the most pressing challenges our energy infrastructures are facing:

  • Accelerate electrification leveraging clean energy sources abundance (solar, wind)

  • Manage renewable electricity intermittency, its storage options and their grid integration

  • Develop competitive clean fuels as a substitute to fossil fuels

  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Such a revolution in a short period of time will require a change of paradigm with more decentralized, resilient and independent energy systems incorporating digital automation and optimisation. Energy production will partly be relocated closer to consumption sites to regenerate local areas and communities with more shared economic benefits, energy resilience and independence.


Green hydrogen is part of solution for improving air quality, reducing CO2 emissions and noise to help the energy transition become a reality. It will be instrumental in the massive development of  "zero-emission" mobility and the deployment of renewable energy as it is a highly flexible energy storage tool.

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Adress : 8 Place de l'Opéra, 75009 Paris, France

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